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I'm Ali, and I love design.

I have been designing since I was little. I used to love making presentations and word documents as a kid when we would play school or office. From there, I took graphic design classes in high school and I truly fell in love with the art of design and how I could create pieces that were meaningful and eye-catching. After taking all the graphic design classes I could, I wanted to learn more, so I took a web development class. I learned designing and developing websites is just as fun as designing graphics. From there, I completed the Web Development pathway at my high school and went on to Johnson County Community College, and graduated with an AAS in Web Development and Design.


If you are interested in a logo, a website, or custom graphics, I can ensure I will make something you love. Creating a brand for your business can be tricky. You need to make sure it all fits within what you want your brand to represent but also with how people will perceive it. With my help, you will have a consistent and engaging brand or additional materials that will flow seamlessly with your brand.

Web Designer Web Developer Graphic Designer

My Work

My Work

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