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Capstone Project

Olives Hope Website Rebuild

Spring 2020

Our capstone course at JCCC connects us with a client to complete a specific web project. My partner and I were paired up with Olives Hope Pet Rescue to do a website redesign. We went through many steps to ensure we would build everything to their liking and to web standards. Feel free to review each step we took to complete this project.

1. Onboarding

We started by onboarding the client and letting them know who we are and what our overall plan was for the semester. You can view our onboarding report by clicking the below link.

2. Plan for the semester

We then had to create a sprint backlog, user personas, user journey maps, site maps and a style guide. We used these documents to make a plan and schedule for the rest of the semester. You can view these documents via the below link.

3. Wireframing 

The next step was wireframing all of the pages. You can view the wireframes for each page at the below link.

4. Build the site

We used Wordpress to rebuild their site as that is what they were used to working in. I redesigned all of the pages except for the Adopt Page. The Adopt Page was redesigned by my partner and is not included in the images below. You can view the before and after pictures of the website below.

5. User Testing

Once we built the site we had to make sure it was actually usable! You can view our user testing report at the below link.

6. Final Deliverables

Once we completed user testing and updated the site, we made client documentation so the owner would know how to update information on their own. We also provided them with the style guide as well. You can view the client documentation at the following link.


I really enjoyed this project. It helped me solidify all of the techniques I had been learning in previous semesters. It helped me better understand what a real life work flow might look like in projects to come. It also continued to develop my skills as a designer and a developer. 

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